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youth empowerment

The ability of music to raise spirits and inspire is something that most people innately understand. The discipline of actually learning to play an instrument is altogether harder, but the pleasure of creating combined with the process of learning are helping youth in Zanzibar to find a new path in life.

Christopher Anthony grew up in a small village Kitope. He didn’t have any goals; he didn’t care for the future. He loved listening to music, but didn’t think about becoming a musician. His family felt like that might be a chance for him. They convinced him to join DCMA. Christopher got inspiration from teacher Abeid, a brilliant guitar player. He changed his life. Now he was leaving home at six o’clock in the morning, putting goats to pasture, going to the DCMA and returning home at night. When his father couldn’t pay for his transportation anymore, Christopher found a job to continue his studies. He even started to learn flute as a second instrument. Soon, because of his dedication and progress, he was good enough to perform with DCMA taarab group during concerts and festivals. His friends laughed at him but at this point he was self-confident, working hard, performing and earning money. He also established  his own group Mcharuko, one the most promising bands in Zanzibar.

“I’m very grateful for the existence of DCMA, I wouldn’t be where I am now if it wasn’t for it. DCMA has changed me. There are loving people and teachers who enabled me to become a musician. I hope that more people can hearabout it and join, especially those from the streets, with problems. They should be able to come to DCMA and change themselves.”