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village programme

In addition to our activities in Stone Town, we started in 2008 an outreach program torespond to requests of village musicians. In rural areas of Zanizbar still some small traditional orchestras continue to exist but struggle to survive. Mahonda is a small village about 25 km outside of Stone Town. Here a small group “Kizazi Kipya” were meeting daily to rehearse and practice taarab and kidumbak music. Their resources was very scant, (they had a few broken violins and drums) and the skills of the musicians were more than limited. But they clearly loved music. DCMA started to provide regular music lessons to them and repaired their instruments. Because there is hardly any employment in this area and especially the fact that young people are very poor all the lessons are free to anyone interested. Thanks to our efforts “Kizazi Kipya” started to perform in Stone Town and at festivals in Zanzibar.

Due to lack of funds, this formerly very successful programme was discontinued in August 2015. But the passion for music never died in Mahonda and we decided to come there and start to teach again in March 2018.