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Dhow Countries Music Academy provides an opportunity to learn the unique musical traditions of Zanzibar, many brought to the Zanzibar islands from countries having coastal land on the Arabian Peninsula, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and East Africa through the use of the dhow to sail across the Indian Ocean, the Red Sea and other waters.

With the aim of professional advancement for its students, DCMA runs regular instrument lessons, workshops and seminars on different instruments and in many different music styles. Currently, students at DCMA have the option of either studying music for their own enjoyment or working in a more structured and more formal DCMA Certificates in Music programmes and the more advance ‘Diploma in Music’ programmes.

These include:

  1. Instrumental and vocal – individual and class lessons. in performance skills on various instruments including the violin, oud, qanun, cello, guitar, bass guitar, piano, keyboard, drum instruments, vocal, accordion, flute.
  2. Ceritificate and Diploma level courses in performance studies that also include courses in the music theory of the Swahili people, in general, music of the dhow countries, i.e., Oriental-Arabic music from the countries whose sailors travelled by dhows to trade with the east coast of Africa, music of other parts of African and Western music. The programme also includes music-in-culture courses in the areas of Ethnomusicology and courses in Music Education.