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social impact

Many thinks that music is just for fun. But is so much more. Music has the capacity to act as a powerful force for social change. And as the only music school on the island, we are aware of this force and we use it in positve way on many levels. „I’ve never wanted to play music for money or to become famous, I will be happy to see reconciliation between people through my music” – says Christopher, our student, who recently recorded a hope song for HIV-positives.

Econimically music is drawing different kinds of revenue such as concerts, entertainment in hotels and restaurants, cultural tourism. Thanks to that our students are genarating income for them and their families. Music is the way for people to express and share themselves with others. Zanzibari musicians encourage people to try harder and overcome daily life challenges and reach for higher goals.

“To solve a problem is not hiding it, you have to make it open. I love my society, I’m proud to be Zanzibarian. And that is what makes me stronger every single day, but it’s a lot of challenge. So I don’t only sing for my heart, I also sing for my society, for my culture.” – says Amina Omar, DCMA graduate and now a vocal teacher. She is leader of Siti & the Band – a rising star in East Africa – a group combined with our students and graduates.

Succesful stories of DCMA students serve as examples that hard work and dedication are briniging results.