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preserving heritage

Before DCMA was established, traditional music in Zanzibar was close to be forgotten. There were only a couple of tradtional taarab groups, and very few young people willing to keep the heritage. But since DCMA started its mission the situation has changed. Now you can hear taarab in radio, TV, restaurants, hotels. Internet is full of taarab clips.

Our goal is to preserve, develop and promote the unique musical heritage of Zanzibar and the Swahili coast. The DCMA has gained an ever increasing international reputation and proudly won the Roskilde award in October 2010 for teaching traditional music.
Particular emphasis is being placed on teaching traditional Zanzibar music styles, such as taarab, kidumbak or ngoma. The DCMA is proud to be the guardians of a living cultural heritage and proud to preserve and promote the musical heritage of Zanzibar and the Dhow Countries.

Through music we are proving that the beauty of Zanzibar lies not only in pristine beaches and the gentle, blue ocean, but also in its people and their culture. Music in Zanzibar is a living tradition, telling stories of the days past and present.