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Ngoma literally translated means ‘drum’ and is a term used to encompass all local traditional forms of dancing, drumming and singing. There  are literally hundreds of different ngoma styles throughout Tanzania, variations often being so slight that untrained eyes and ears can hardly notice the difference. A number of these originate from Zanzibar and Pemba and all are spectacular to watch. The often elaborate native costumes emphasize the unity of the dancers’ steps and the rhythm section which usually consists of several locally hand made drums and percussion instruments (such as oil tins beaten with a stick). “Ngoma ya kibati” for example, consists of a very rapid declamatory style of singing which is an improvised dialogue to drum accompaniment with singers/dancers coming in for a chorus every so often

Kirundo International group is led by Zanzibar’s drumming legend – MzeeKheri,  our ngoma drums teacher. He knows the rhythms of around 25 tribes of Tanzania: the fantastic world of music for celebrations, rituals, for sadness and joy.

When: Every Wednesday

Time: 8pm

Entrance: 10,000 Tsh