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free education

Dhow Countries Music Academy is non-governmental, non-profit, community based organization. We provide music education in Zanzibar. Currently we have around 80 students. Even though tuition is minimal (30 USD per month) and has not been increased for the last 10 years, still almost 70% students cannot afford it. That is why for those students who can’t afford paying, but are dedicated and conscientious, we are offering a free education.

One of them is Ferdinand, who was a jobless, but musically talented teenager, expecting his wife to give birth to their child. He had almost no perspectives for his future, but thanks to free education at DCMA he developed his music skills. Now his group Mapanya Band is performing at biggest East African festivals, and just recently made their first European tour.

It has been 16 years since we started our mission in Zanzibar. From that moment, over 1,500 people have learned the unique music traditions of Zanzibar and East African coast. For many of them music became their profession, they enjoy local and international music careers. We want to allow more young people with musical talent to join DCMA and give them an opportunity not only to develop their talents but also to change their lives.