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Music education for children programm encompasses a wide variety of children’s songs, ranging from local and foreign traditional, to contemporary songs. The lesson includes many activities, such as:

– singing,
– music listening,
– music and movement,
– learning how to play music instrument,
– creative work
– learning how to read music notation.

Through the music programme children will:

  • Develop their aural perceptive abilities – to sing while deriving utmost pleasure.
  • Express their inner selves by acreating music through the use of various means (voice, home-made instruments, traditional instruments, movement).
  • Enjoy, appreciate, and accept good quality music.
  • Get to know traditional music (folk songs), and to develop a sense of respect tradition.
  • Appreciate the music heritage of other people.
  • Develop their individual musical abilities.
  • Employ music in order to develop the ability to develop the qualities of co- operation, responsibility and the ability to communicate.