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With the entire world living in the shadow of the COVID-19 Pandemic, we know that the hearts and minds of the DCMA Family are currently distracted, rightly focused on matters closer to home.

Life, as we previously knew it, may never be the same again and whilst Zanzibar has been spared the levels of socio-economic disruption and widespread infection that COVID-19 has generated across much of the planet, the pandemic has created a whole new set of unique challenges for the Dhow Countries Music Academy.

Tourists are no longer visiting Zanzibar – a result of global lockdowns in the key European feeder markets and airlines cancelling routes – the hotels have been closed, public gatherings are currently forbidden, the Rainy Season is making its presence felt and the holy month of Ramadan is beginning.

As a result, there are no opportunities at all for commercial performances by the well-respected DCMA Artists around the island, the public performances that provided much-needed income to the artists and the school, a funding lifeline upon which we were relying as we transitioned to the new sustainable commercial footing that was under implementation.

After a Government directive to close down all schools and educational establishments, the DCMA is currently not operational, allowing us, at least, to manage costs until such time as we have some clarity on what the future holds for us all.

Until then, we are working on solutions for our emergency predicament, but continue to rely on the collective support, kindness and faith of our friends and followers around the world, committed to our mandate to preserve, develop and promote the traditional musical forms of Zanzibar and the Swahili Coast.

There is so much going on around the World right now, all of our lives affected on an unprecedented scale by COVID-19, and we realise that our voice is one of many seeking your urgent support and assistance.

We sincerely ask that you try not to forget DCMA, that any time you might spare for our current situation, any consideration you might find within yourself, be channeled to our GlobalGiving page,  to help us through this difficult period of very pressing needs that DCMA faces, now worsened still as a result of the CoVid pandemic.

DCMA stand together with the Government and wananchi of Zanzibar, united in our fight against COVID-19 and, with your help, we believe that we will come out of this Global Pandemic stronger, more resolute and ready to continue our cause as the musical ambassadors of Zanzibari culture, heritage and tradition.

Your kind support will help us considerably on this journey.