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Dhow Countries Music Academy (DCMA) and Wonju Maeji Nongak (Korea Agricultural music) team A-ul are performing together on Friday February 15, 8pm at Forodhani Park. 

Maeji Nongak (Korea agricultural music) is listed as an intangible cultural heritage of UNESCO. 

Wonju Media center has suggested music exchange between DCMA and Maeji Nongak so that they have experienced both music; Tarab from Zanzibar and Traditional Nongak from Korea. 

The final destination of this project will be showing this upcoming stage! 

The stage would be 3 sessions. 

The first session is performed by Maeji Nongak Team; the second session is performed by DCMA’s teachers and students. 

The final stage is collaboration between two groups that will play Alamina Dura, Ashairejea from Tarab and Arirang from Korea.  Taking this opportunity, we look forward to introducing Korea’s traditional music to Zanzibar and also expecting continuous cultural exchange each other.