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We are proud to present the first video lessons in Swahili for beginners who wants to learn how to play traditional instruments.

Project is a response to lack of online music tutorials in Swahili.The first online lesson on qanun was led by DCMA teacher Samir Ally, a graduate and teacher at the Dhow Countries Music Academy. The next lesson will be available on our YouTube channel in July. One of DCMA’s main goals is to protect and promote the musical heritage of Zanzibar, which is why qanun was chosen as the first instrument for tutorials. Other instruments like oud and tablah or traditional ngoma drums will be introduced later this year. In future, more instruments like guitar or piano will be included.

Produced by DCMA assistant academic director Mahsin Basalama and PR manager Abdulrazak Tausir, the tutorials are designed for people who want to start their adventure with the qanun instrument.