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creating job opportunities

DCMA is active when it comes to create jobs for our students. We organize and promote around 170 paid concerts yearly, we work with hotels and restaurants providing music, 2/3 of our teaching staff are DCMA graduates. For many of our students music is chance to get out of the poverty, change their live and perspectives, to stay out of “street life”.

One of the examples is Rashid – now 27 years old – from a very poor family. Before his studies at DCMA his only income was through selling daily newspapers. His parents separated when he was very young and, basically, he was a ‘street boy’. After his parent’s separation, he stayed with his mother and there was no funds available for schooling for him. Luckily, while selling newspapers, he walked past the facilities of the DCMA and heard students practicing. He thought that maybe music might be his chance. After an audition, he was accepted at DCMA. He finished a Certificate and Diploma courses in traditional instrument – oud – and has been able become a musician. Last year he was invited to perform at a major international conference in Abu Dhabi (at New York University in Abu Dhabi). He plays weekly at the concerts organised by DCMA and at local hotels in Zanzibar. With income he is getting from those regular performances he is now able to support his family.