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Dhow Countries Music Academy (DCMA) is launching a one month crowd funding campaign that aims to allow 30 young people with musical talent to continue their education at the Academy, and give them an opportunity not only to develop their talents, but also to change their lives.The youth of Zanzibar have minimal access to music education of any kind. DCMA gives them a chance to study music and, through that, to find employment. As an NGO, DCMA is primarily supported by international donors, but the donations it receives are not enough to cover the costs of education for all of our students. Most of the students cannot afford to pay tuition of any kind, meaning free education is their only chance to grow.

23.3% of Zanzibar’s youth are unemployed, which is one of the highest rates in Africa. DCMA uses music as a tool for youth empowerment. For many of its students music becomes a profession. Thanks to DCMA they enjoy local and international music careers. Between November 27th and December 31st the school will be accepting online donations to raise funds via a crowdfunding campaign on the Global giving website.

Dhow Countries Music Academy was established in 2002 and throughout the years has had more than 1,600 students. It has gained international reputation through winning a number of regional and international awards for teaching traditional music. DCMA is working hand in hand with the local tourism sector and organizes more than 200 concerts a year. 2/3 of the teaching staff is Academy’s graduates. DCMA students and graduates are regularly performing in Zanzibar, Tanzania, Africa and on other continents.

Help us to raise funds for scholarships that will allow 30 students to continue their education at Dhow Countries Music Academy (DCMA). This is very important for us.

Click the link to donate https://www.globalgiving.org/projects/change-lives-through-music-in-zanzibar/

or for more info contact:
Aliko Mwakanjuki
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