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The study of music in the one-year BASIC TECHNICIAN CERTIFICATE IN MUSIC (NTA LEVEL 4) programme involves specific hearing and music-making processes that have to be developed in an integrated manner. These processes include focused listening, articulating and performing sounds, discussing, analyzing, writing about, criticizing and using any other way to represent ideas that relate to music.

To educate successful citizens of Tanzania and the world, the Music curriculum has been developed with a view of the ongoing, evolving education needs of students and society in Tanzania and in the contemporary world, in general. The one-year BASIC TECHNICIAN CERTIFICATE IN MUSIC (NTA LEVEL 4) will serve the following needs that are evident in Tanzania: The needs of

  • Entertainment establishments throughout Tanzania that wish to employ performing musicians to entertain hotel, restaurant and other customs for their entertainment wishes;
  • Community organizations that wish to improve the life of the people of the community with music-related activities such as choral singing, popular band rehearsals for the youth of the community, music for the elderly, etc.;
  • Schools that require adjunct teachers in areas of music-making, for example, leading a choir or band or organizing the playing of traditional music instruments, etc.;
  • Police and military organizations that might require performers in one of the many military bands in Tanzania;
  • Arts Council organizations of the Tanzania Mainland or Zanzibar that organize music activities;
  • Music festival organizations with trained personnel in the selection of performing groups and organizing the logistics of sound-systems, music instruments, knowledge of available musicians, etc.;
  • Academic book publishers that wish students and others to better know about music traditions of Tanzania from researched, published materials;
  • The tourism industry to have experts in the field of music traditions of Tanzania for tourists specifically oriented towards such interests; and
  • Students to further pursue Music study at Diploma level and University level and have a higher degree and perhaps teach in a school in Tanzania or abroad or at a university anywhere in the world


The one-year BASIC TECHNICIAN CERTIFICATE IN MUSIC (NTA LEVEL 4) specific objectives are that, upon finishing the Programme students will be able to:


  1. perform, on music instruments and/or vocally, the music traditions of especially Zanzibar, other areas of Tanzania, other areas of Africa and other areas of the ‘dhow countries’;
  2. describe and be conversant with aspects of the elements of music;
  3. analyze music works, especially the works of Zanzibar, other areas of Tanzania, other areas of Africa and other areas of the ‘dhow countries’ region;
  4. communicate music ideas well with other people;
  5. employ ICT for broadening their knowledge in music and many other areas of study; and
  6. fill the significant gaps in the job market that require well-qualified musicians, e.g., communicators in the areas of music performance, Music Theory (music composition), and Music Education (especially in teaching Music and in working with music in community-development endeavors).

Admission RequirementsAdmission Requirements

A candidate shall be deemed eligible for consideration for admission to the one-year BASIC TECHNICIAN CERTIFICATE IN MUSIC (NTA LEVEL 4) if he/she has one of the following qualifications:


  • Form IV with at least 4 passes in relevant subjects that may include English, History, Geography, Mathematics, Science, Music and Art.


  • NVA Level 3 (Mainland) or VTA level 3 (Zanzibar) and having a Form IV Certificate.


The Academic Year


There will be two semesters in each of the academic years of the “Certificate Programme”. In general, each year will follow the approximate calendar shown below:

Semester I: End of September to middle of January

Semester II: Middle of February to beginning of June (18 weeks)

Review and Evaluation: End of July to middle of August. (4 weeks)

The total length of each year of the Course of Study is 40 weeks.