The Embassy of Switzerland in Tanzania and the Dhow Countries Music Academy (DCMA) signed a new agreement to support strengthening institutional and management capacity of the Academy on November 9 at the Embassy Office in Dar es Salaam.

Coming from France to have two concerts here, turned out to be a lot more than the Samy Thiébault Jazz Trio had expected. This they realised, even before climbing on stage, for the first of these performances.

50 international music scholars will be in Zanzibar from tomorrow to discuss the music of Africa. The four-day discussion will take place at the Dhow Countries Music Academy's (DCMA) premises situated within the Stone Town. According to Academic Director, Professor Mitchel Strumpf, this will be the largest gathering of international scholars in the study of the continent's music ever to be held in the country.

The audience was at first unsure of what kind of music would be churned out by the nine member Zanzibar Taarab Kindumbak Ensemble composed of six men and three women who played their traditional musical instruments the first of a kind to be seen in Zimbabwe.

At only 24 years of age, Said Bhai is considered one of the best builders of the qanun in Tanzania. The qanun, a stringed instrument of the zither family that is native to Egypt and Turkey, is a complicated musical instrument that is very difficult to make, which makes Said a rare breed.

Zanzibar´s music academy promotes culture, talent
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At the heart of this growth is the Dhow Countries Music Academy (DCMA), located in Stone Town. Its location, overlooking the Indian Ocean, epitomizes the revival of a rich heritage. With no music lessons in the Island´s formal education curricula, the DCMA is a fortress of musical culture.

A magical way to immerse yourself in Swahili culture is to play one of its traditional musical instruments. A Zanzibar Music Academy is offering both local and tourist alike the chance to experience the joy of playing simple rhythms or melodies on instruments such as the qanun, Oud and Tabla.

JUST to make sure that there is a selection of local musical flavour around Hassan Mahenge, a teacher at the Dhow Countries Music Academy (DCMA) in Zanzibar, got together with some other liked-minded colleagues and formed Swahili Vibes.

The beating heart of Zanzibar

According to legend, two centuries ago, traders travelling by dhow on the monsoon tradewinds grew bored during their long journeys and so started taking musicians on board for entertainment.

Zanzibar is not only the legendary "island of spices", but also a place with an interesting musical heritage: the music of Zanzibar reflects the numerous cultural influences of all the people who came to the island over the centuries: settlers, traders, sailors, colonial masters, etc.