Salum Matata (vocal, guitar), Erasto Omollo(vocal, guitar),Michael Thadeo (drums), Issa Said (bass), Alex Marcel (keyboard), Emmanuel Agustino (Sax).

This is the youngest band of DCMA, just founded in 2017!!!

One of them is Salum Matata. He came from Dar es Saalam, were he lived as a street-musician, catching the sound of Africa, learning music from other artists in the street. Staying with his grandmother, who lives in a small village near Lake Tanganijka, he listened to the traditional songs in Fipa-language, even not knowing the meaning of the words, but aspiring the sound and the melodies. About DCMA he heard from a student of the school and of his teacher Vitali Maembe in Dar es Saalam, who sometimes teaches n’goma in DCMA. So he applied the DCMA in 2016, because he wanted to know more about the music, about reading and writing music.

For his own music Salum is inspired by famous musicians like Remmy Ongala, Siti bint Saad, Bi Kidude, Miriam Makeba, B.B.King, Ray Charles, Bob Marley, Ali Farka Toure, and also of characters like the Tanzanian politician Bibi Titi Mohammed.

The “stone town rockerz” are blending almost blues and african and jazz-styles with rap, and with Salum’s style, who prefers traditional African languages and doesn’t want to sing like a “mzungu”.  In his own songs he intersperses small vocal comic-scenes, because he is convinced that it’s the better way to pass messages to the audience.

The “stone town rockerz” –  that’s a dynamic work in progress with lots of energy!