masterclasses & workshops


In addition to our regular educational programs, we also organize special masterclasses and workshops with professional musicians, sound engineers, festival organizers etc..


Thanks to these workshops, our students have the opportunity to broaden their horizons both for the artistic and the professional aspects. In recent years we have conducted the following workshops:

– Guitar Masterclasses by flamenco guitarist Ricardo Garcia (Spain)
– Oud Masterclasse by Smadj (Algieria)
– Creative Enterprises Seminar by Ruth Daniel (UK, University of Manchester), Lorraine Bgoya (Zimbabwe, Shoko Festival) and Natalie Kombe (Zimbabwe, Shoko Festival)
– Guitar Masterclasses by Leon Michael King (UK)
– African Music Instruments Building Workshops
– Cultural Policy Seminar by University of Hildesheim, Germany
– Guitar Masterclasses by Derek Gripper (South Africa)
– Music Education Workshops by dr Kedmon Mapana (University of Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania)
– Piano Masterclasse by Florian Ross (Germany)
– Piano Masterclasses by Malcolm Braff (Switzerland)
– Bass guitar Masterclasses by Moussa Dialo (Mali)
– Electric Guitar Masterclasses by Oliver Mtukudzi (Zimbabwe)