UKUTI UKUTI BOOK (A Swahili children's song book)

This is a collection of 56 Swahili children's song, song that we have heard children sing in schools, at home or in the streets. The songs have been collected from diverse areas of Tanzania, mainly Zanzibar, Dar es Salaam and Bagamoyo, but this music is shared through much of East Africa.
This book is for everyone interested in learning new children's song, or to be encouraged to use the song they already know. Teachers and educators, musician, artist, parents and children may all find songs that they would like to learn and sing.

Book price: $25 ( OUT OF STOCK )


It has been frequently lamented that "DCMA is doing wonderful things and making wonderful music but many people have yet to know of the existence of DCMA".
That is now changing as DCMA is going 'full-speed ahead' to make the Dhow Countries Music Academy a household name in Zanzibar, other areas of Tanzania and around the world. A new variety of beautiful message t-shirts have been made to spread the name of DCMA and a beautiful 2015 calendar with photographs by talented photographer Nicholas Calvin are now being sold and bought by local people and tourists.
Besides spreading the good name of DCMA, the sale of the t-shirts and calendars bring much needed funds to the Academy. Please visit our sales point in the main office of DCMA to purchase our products.

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