Regular performances and concerts are at the heart of the DCMA´s programme, and form the main focus and foundation of the students´ learning experience. Students at the DCMA study within the context of a broadly-based music education. The emphasis is on practical disciplines, usually learning an instrument and accompanying theory on an individual basis and ensemble performance at whichever level is appropriate for the student. Many of these concerts and performances take place in the DCMA´s own performing spaces and, in addition, the DCMA also helps students to organise concerts at outside venues.These performances are all open to the public.
Much of a student´s life at the DCMA is spent practising and rehearsing, and this intensive preparation leads to public performance; an important part of every student´s life. This encourages performing for a ´real´ public as well as preparing the student for life in the professional world, thus fulfilling one of the DCMA´s main objectives: to offer students employment in the music industry as professional musicians.
The DCMA is also proud to showcase the diversity of music and artistry learned in the Academy. Traditional Taarab, Afro-jazz, fusion, jazz, ngoma, kidumbak, hip hop and rap,are all traditions that feature within the DCMA´s scope and repertoire and many students and teachers perform regularly together to offer audiences a taste of the traditional local culture as well as a possibility to dance and have fun with the energy generated from the more contemporary music styles.
The DCMA has long established links abroad and many artists and bands have performed at international concerts and festivals in Europe, Africa, and Japan. Thanks to the international collaborations and friendships forged, the school has a regular flow of international volunteers from Europe and currently The Gambia. These musicians and artists contribute extensively to both the teaching and performing, adding a distinctive quality and originality of sound to the character of the show.
The DCMA performs regularly in Zanzibar, other location in Tanzania and abroad. Please keep an eye on the newsletter to see what is happening in the future at DCMA, and please come and join us, It is guaranteed that you will be delighted and surprised!!

Fusion and jam sessions
Tuesday and Friday evenings
9 until midnight
Admission free

La Taperia, Stone Town
The 1st and 3rd Friday of every month
Teachers and students showcase a variety of their music
7:30 - 10:00
Admission free


Workshops and seminars offered at DCMA are generally free of charge and are open to the public, unless otherwise specified. It is our aim to provide workshops on a wide range of subjects as an introduction to various instruments, playing techniques, music styles, music - related skills, etc. So far DCMA has hosted workshops on sound engineering, creative journalism, Kidumbak, trumpet playing, bass guitar and children's music education. We welcome input from guest teachers and visitors around the world to share their skills or learn about Zanzibar music, meet musicians and exchange ideas.