Special Offers for Visitors to Zanzibar:

If you are a visitor to Zanzibar and would like to learn more about traditional Zanzibari music, DCMA offers instrument lessons to anybody interested. Most popular are drumming and traditional Zanzibar dance classes. There is also a unique opportunity to learn, to play traditional Taarab music and other instruments used in traditional Swahili music.

It is also possible for a large group of visitors to ask for a special tutorial concert at least a week in advance so they can be introduced to the different music instruments and styles. The price for these tutorials is negotiable.

Everyone is welcome at the DCMA to study music, may it be just for fun or to get a formal musical education.

Fees for the Individual & Group lessons:

Individual Lesson
45 Mins
Group Lesson
60 Mins (Min 3 pax)
Tanzanian Citizens Adult 30,000 Tsh per Month 15,000 Tsh per Month
Child* 30,000 Tsh per Month 15,000 Tsh per Month
Short course for tourist Adult $ 15 per Lesson $ 10 per Lesson
Child* $ 15 per Lesson $ 10 per Lesson
East African Nationals Adult 40,000 Tsh per Month 30,000 Tsh per Month
Child* 30,000 Tsh Per Month 20,000 Tsh per Month
Foreign Residents in Tanzania Adult 50,000 Tsh per Month 40,000 Tsh per Month
Child* 40,000 Tsh Per Month 25,000 Tsh per Month

* = For the Children's under 15 Years

Certificate Programme $600 per year

Diploma programme $ 800 per year